Kamis, 11 Mei 2017

Back for Up

Halo blog walkers!

It has been a long time that I’m not blogging and yeah I’m back with some story, some random story, And I’m still busy in my final project to finish my study right now,

You know, It has almost been four years that I spend my life in this college and its life, I really can’t realize that it will be end soon,, I’m really happy cause finally I’ll graduate but, once, I feel sad because I’ll leave people that I spent time with, People whose made me fall apart and also made me feeling better, These people are really crazy and suck, in the first time, I feel like getting lost when I was with them, but finally I can deal with it,,

I’m just feeling better than yesterday and should face everything who will insist you again, I should to prepare for it, because so much big minus in me so I should to try hard, I don’t know how my effort to be like, but I know I should step facing forward, yeah!

I want to have a better life and want to travel around Indonesia such as Sabang, Danau Toba, Lombok, even Raja Ampat, ho ho, Because my friend said that before you’re getting married you should travel around where you like to go! So I want to reach there someday!

And maybe I’ll find someone who supports me anyway and makes me the worth ones,,

PS: (Sorry about grammar, bodo amat, I just want to share my feeling right now)
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